All The Things, Indie 3 for 1

by - Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Notoriously Morbid bath bomb, Dreamland Lacquer, Sarah Briggs Jewelry
Why didn't I think to do a delicate Snow White pose with this? We'll never know. 🤣

 Dreamland Lacquer, Rain on Titan. I think 3 coats? This is really beautiful, unfortunately the formula didn't agree with me, chipped in less than 24 hours. This was an exclusive Polish Pickup shade for June, I think.

natural light


artificial light at an angle
 Notoriously Morbid Tempt Snow bath bomb. This huge chunk of a bath bomb was recently discontinued. Personally it wasn't my favorite. The scent wasn't as crisp apple as I was imagining, I don't care for the green shea butter addition (my fault, I didn't pay attention to this when I ordered and I don't need extra moisturizer) and the color was not appealing (minor but all in all not my fave). On the flip side it was a great value because I was able to break it up for a bunch of baths. In general I really like NM bath bombs, they use avocado oil and nothing coconut which I avoid and it's none too easy.

Sarah Briggs jewelry, small Receive hoops, Awaken necklace

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