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by - Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Notoriously Morbid bath bomb, Dreamland Lacquer, Sarah Briggs Jewelry
Why didn't I think to do a delicate Snow White pose with this? We'll never know. 🤣

 Dreamland Lacquer, Rain on Titan. I think 3 coats? This is really beautiful, unfortunately the formula didn't agree with me, chipped in less than 24 hours. This was an exclusive Polish Pickup shade for June, I think.

natural light


artificial light at an angle
 Notoriously Morbid Tempt Snow bath bomb. This huge chunk of a bath bomb was recently discontinued. Personally it wasn't my favorite. The scent wasn't as crisp apple as I was imagining, I don't care for the green shea butter addition (my fault, I didn't pay attention to this when I ordered and I don't need extra moisturizer) and the color was not appealing (minor but all in all not my fave). On the flip side it was a great value because I was able to break it up for a bunch of baths. In general I really like NM bath bombs, they use avocado oil and nothing coconut which I avoid and it's none too easy.

Sarah Briggs jewelry, small Receive hoops, Awaken necklace

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    1. It’s really beautiful but sadly my body chemistry didn’t agree with it so I’m destashing it. Feel free to contact me if you are interested. As always thank you for your kind comments!