Femme Fatale Cosmetics Enchanted Fables: Locations

by - Saturday, April 18, 2020

Femme Fatale Cosmetics Enchanted Fables: Locations

Mid-transition, done with blow drier.

Cold state
Hello friends! It's been a long time I've written a proper polish blog post. Well, long time since I've purchased polish but I can never resist a few from Femme Fatale's annual Enchanted Fables Collection. Things have been crazy due to Covid 19 so please forgive some of my lack of details. I totally forgot to take videos of any but the first one I wore. My buddy Samantha and I decided to order together and "share custody" which meant I used them all, sent to her so she can do the same and then the ones I purchased will be sent back to me.        (Neverland, Witch's Garden, Candy Cottage.) When I wore Winter's Quarters I went to the grocery store wearing a mask and gloves so you can guess how that went, all peeled off. Thankfully Samantha has sent me her photos and thoughts about it. My photos are taken in natural light and full spectrum bulbs that I bought for my succulents, besides the bulb glare they are remarkably like the sun. 

Witch’s Garden: A musty blue (cold) to pale green (warm) with pink-copper duochrome shine. The duochrome sheen can lean the cooler state to a bit of blue-purple shade.

I used 2 coats with topcoat. Fully warm it could have used a third coat. Personally I saw at least 4 distinct states and that was so fun, I love them all but especially the mint green warm shade. This one is very sensitive and I saw all of these colors while wearing it. Easy to use formula. Video Here.

Cair Paravel: A tri thermal with deep red/berry (coldest) to medium pink (cool) to warm purple (warm). The cool (middle) stage may be a bit subtle. Finished with a prominent golden sheen.

I can't remember if I used 2 or 3 coats. Easy to work with formula, topped with glossy topcoat. I love the cold state most. The mid state is very subtle and while I saw warm and cold pretty often there was never a gradient. My house was cool so I had trouble getting a photo of the warm state, sorry that's it's blurry. If you run cold that's probably the state you will see most except when waking up and using warm water.

Neverland: Teal-blue (cold) to yellow/lime-green (warm) with turquoise shine.

Personally I find the warm state to be more of a green than yellow because of the shimmer. It reminds me of Morning Glory. I also observed at least 4 states of this one and found it to be very sensitive. Tied with Witch's Garden as my favorite. I'm not sure if I used 2 or 3 coats but in the warmer states it was still a little sheer. topped with glossy topcoat. I think it would be perfect for tropical fish artwork.

Candy Cottage: Pastel neon peach-orange (cold) to a yellow (warm) with a violet hue. Please note that this is more of a muted neon, and that colour may vary from swatches as neon-types are very hard to photograph 100% accurately.

I'm unsure how I feel about this one. It was pretty thick and difficult to apply evenly but that's common with neons. At three coats I didn't reach completely even coverage. I love the cold state but I wish the violet shimmer was more apparent on the nail. Next time I may try the acetone swipe trick. I'm not sold on the warm stages on myself.

Winter Quarters: This is a tri-thermal with a blackish coldest state, blue/grey cool state and a pinkish-beige warm state. Overlaid are green-purple duochrome shimmers. Swatchers have said that the coldest and cool state are subtle in difference and may be easily missed if not looking for it.

I wore this but didn't get to photograph it. To get the warm state I had to use uncomfortably hot water. Samantha (follow her IG to see more swatches) was able to do a more thorough review and she kindly sent her thoughts and photos for me to share with you:

"I always look forward to new installments of Femme Fatale's Enchanted Fables polish series. To be honest, I thought that last year's Princes and Heroes installment signaled the end, but I was glad to see that we got another this year. This polish is one of several thermals included in the Locations installment. Winter Quarters is a very dusty dark grey when cold, dusty blush pink when warm crelly loaded with teak and lilac glass fleck. This is probably the least sensitive thermal I have ever gotten from Femme; I had to use warm water to coax a shift out of it. I'm curious to see if it will shift naturally throughout the rest of the week as I wear it. I did three coats, although two careful coats could have been sufficient on my nails. It's also topped with top coat (KBShimmer Clearly on Top)."

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  2. Oh wow, these look really good :-D

  3. OMG. I want Neverland so bad! Gorgeous!

  4. 😱 where can I buy these ro ship to US?

    1. Unfortunately Femme Fatale only ever does one presale of every collection now so if you miss that your best bet is their stockists who also have an opportunity to order during that time. Beautometry is the US stockist and unfortunately all these shades are sold out. The other stockists do all ship worldwide however, I’ll link you to the FF stockist page. https://femmefatalecosmetics.com.au/distributors/
      My other suggestion would be to join the bst group for FFF on Facebook, The FF Bazaar and put out an ISO.