January Pickup haul, Mythology theme. Ethereal Lacquer, Demiflux Jewelry, Wildflower Wax

by - Saturday, February 09, 2019

I have never blogged my "Pickup" order in it's entirety but I did this flat lay and the colors came together for a beautiful theme...I couldn't resist. The theme was mythology and I think everyone did
a great job. I you like the idea of buying things that adhere to a theme without having to take a pre-made box this is the sale for you! First Friday-Monday of each month, held at www.the-pickups.com.

Demiflux created this fun unicorn horn pendant that is coated with unicorn pee pigment and glows in the dark. It was available as a necklace and a lamp pull. I haven't actually worn it out yet but I love it. I chose the silver toned settings. Demi has added this to her shop if you missed it!

Wildflower Wax was inspired by Nyx and created this beautiful wax melt. I used to pour my used up melts into emergency candles but lately I been making fire starters or throwing them out. This one is so pretty I had to keep it for later use. Same for the month before! The scent is blackberry, strawberry, plums, pomegranate, and lime juice. The scent is amazing and reminds me up a hubba bubba flavor. The throw was excellent and lasted for days. 

Ethereal Lacquer was inspired by Huginn and Muninn. This shade is described as a smoky amethyst with red to green shifting shimmer. I used 2 coats although 3 may have deepened the color .Glossy top coat. The formula was lovely, no pooling or pulling, no shimmer ridges. I took these photos after a few days of wear. This isn't available as all the polishes in The Pickup, are exclusive to that month's sale but you can look in grab bags, destashes, and hope that it's the one chosen for the rewind month. :)
 Video here.
T5 full spectrum bulbs

T5 bulbs

T5 at an angle

T5 Full spectrum bulbs



natural light

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